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Important notice

EVG laboratory, enables the analysis using cheeck swabs because it is less invasive method. However there are some drawbacks to that method you should have in mind, before sending cheek swab sample:


  • Sample contamination: this is the most important factor that influences final testing result. DNA tests performed in our laboratory are extremely sensitive and are able to detect even minute amount of DNA that can come from contamination source (human or animal), thus causing erroneous results. It is thus vitally important that during the sampling this is taken into consideration and that contamination prevention is a top priority during sampling and subsequent shipping.

  • Inadequate DNA quantities: It is possible that during the sampling inadequate amount of cells is scrapped from cheek mucosa. Inadequate amount of cells will result in inadequate amounts of DNA which can lead to reduced result reliability. In most cases it is caused by inconsistency during the sampling; however it can also be affected by animal’s restlessness or anxiety that can prevent sufficient friction between collection swab and mucosa of cheek and gums during the sampling. Some animals also have more saliva that can prevent cell adhesion onto a collection swab (cells present the source of DNA)

  • Incorrect identification: in contrast to veterinarian clinics where control and identification of animals is performed by professional workers, buccal swabbing can be performed by anyone, anywhere, anytime. This is advantageous; however it can sometimes lead to incorrect identification of animal, therefore care should be taken during labelling of the sample and filing an order form.


In case we are unable to obtain adequate amount of DNA from buccal swab sample we will ask you for a blood sample. The cost in this case will not be double.