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Permanent discounts

In our online store, permanent discounts are calculated automatically.





Number of tests per animal Discount
2 tests 5%
3 tests 7,5%
4 tests 10%
5 tests 12,5%
6 tests 15%
7 tests 17,5%
8 tests 20%
9 tests 22,5%
10 tests or more 25%



TESTS FOR coat colour and quality


Number of tests per animal Discount
First test full price
Each additional test* 50%

* valid for tests for locus A, B, D, E, Em and K


Discount for large orders


10% discount for all orders where the final amount exceeds 650 EUR.



breeder and club discounts


We prepared special discounts for breeders and clubs. To ensure special benefits, send your inquiry to [email protected] and register your kennel or club. In the shortest possible time we will review your application and let you know all further details.