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You can order it for free on our website or write us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The DNA analysis is performed on blood or buccal swab samples. Details about collecting samples are available on the order form or on our website.

NOTE: When collecting buccal swab samples, please strictly follow the instructions.

After you have collected the sample, send it together with the order form in a padded envelope to our address:

EVG, molecular diagnostics, d.o.o.
Taborska ulica 8
SI-2000 Maribor

The test report summary is sent to you by e-mail after you complete the payment. Test reports are also sent to you by post.

The payment for tests can be made by bank transfer or by PayPal. Details for the bank transfer are:

IBAN: SI56 0451 5000 1651 060

When using PayPal you will receive a PayPal Invoice to your e-mail address and there is a 3,4% + 0,5 EUR provision charged. Please mark the order form appropriately, if you would like to use PayPal as a payment method.

Sampling of buccal swabs in puppies younger than 8 weeks (before weaning) is not recommended due to the possibility of cross contamination between mother and puppies or puppies within the same litter. In case of receiving buccal swab sample from such animals it will be sender's sole responsibility for a risk of incorrect results. We strongly advise to send blood samples from suckling animals.

You will be informed about sample issues by e-mail. We will ask you to collect a new sample and send it to us. We advise to collect a blood sample the second time.