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A disease belongs to the group of a progressive retinal atrophy and it occurs at Irish setters. A rapid degeneration of the photoreceptor cells in the eye characterizes the disease. The first changes of the retina already occur two weeks after birth and they are already obvious one month after the birth. Until the age of one year, almost all off the photoreceptor cells (rods and plugs) are degenerated and that leads to the blindness. Population studies have shown that approximately 8% of the Irish Setters are carries for the disease.


Inheritance: Autosomal recessive - read more.

Mutation: Gene PDE6B1

Genetic test: Genetic testing can identify affected or carrier animals at any age. The method used for testing is extremely accurate and allows complete differentiation between affected animals, carriers and healthy dogs.

Disease control: read more.

Affected breeds: Irish Setter

Sample: EDTA whole blood (1.0 ml) or buccal swabs. Detailed information about sampling are found here.


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