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Blood samples are preferred for DNA profile testing because the method is very sensitive to DNA quality. Analysis can be performed on buccal swab samples, but swabs must be taken properly (sampling instructions). If DNA profile testing is unsuccessful due to DNA quality issues, we charge 50 % of full price.

Establishing of DNA profile means analysis of universal DNA regions (microsatellites) which are characterized by length variations. An individual carries two alleles on each tested microsatellite. These two alleles can differ in length or they can be the same. By testing sufficient number of microsatellites we can establish unique, individual specific DNA profile also named ''DNA fingerprint''. DNA profile is useful for animal identification (loss, theft, microchip failure...), parentage analysis, breeding plans and exclusion of genetic diseases (clear by parentage).

For establishment of DNA profile the following 22 microsatellite markers are analysed: AHT121, AHT137, AHTh171, AHTh130, AHTh260, AHTk211, AHTk253, Amelogenin, CXX279, FH2054, FH2848, INRA21, INU005, INU030, INU055, REN105L03, REN162C04, REN169D01, REN169O18, REN247M23, REN54P11, REN64E19. Tested markers are recommended by ISAG (International Society of Animal Genetics).


Quality control

Laboratory regularly participates in international quality control comparison test, which is organized every 2 years by ISAG (International Society of Animal Genetics). On latest test in 2015-2016 EVG laboratory was 100% successful and achieved the highest rank. Latest certificate: 



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