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Parentage analysis is performed by comparison of DNA profiles of potential parents and their offspring. For parentage verification DNA profiles of all family members are needed (father, mother, sibling). Each sibling inherits half of the alleles from mother and half from father, which can be seen in DNA profile. In parentage verification, each allele found in tested sibling should be assigned to one of the potential parents in order to confirm parental relationship. When all alleles are assigned to one of the potential parents, it is highly likely that they are true parents. If alleles cannot be assigned to one of the potential parents, the parental relationship is excluded.

When you order parentage analysis, DNA profile of each animal included in the analysis is established (father, mother, and sibling). Results include DNA profile of each animal and parentage analysis for each tested sibling. If some animals already have a DNA profile according to ISAG (aforementioned markers are analysed), it is not necessary to do it again and it can be used in parentage analysis.


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