Acrodermatite létale (LAD)

Lethal acrodermatitis (LAD) is characterized by poor growth, immune deficiency, and skin lesions, especially at the paws. Affected puppies show characteristic skin lesions on the feet and on the face, diarrhoea, bronchopneumonia, and a failure to thrive. Coat color can be diluted in pigmented skin areas. LAD affected dogs are immunodeficient and frequently suffer from skin infections with Malassezia or Candida. They grow slower than their non-affected littermates. LAD manifests clinically in the first weeks of life. Affected puppies usually die before two years of age, either due to infections or because they are euthanized when their paw pad lesions become very severe and painful.

Inheritance: autosomal recessive - read more

Mutation: MKLN1 gene

Genetic test: The method used for testing is extremely accurate and allows complete differentiation between affected animals, carriers and healthy dogs. Testing can be done at any age.

Disease control: read more

Sample: EDTA whole blood (1.0 ml) or buccal swabs. Detailed information about sampling can be found here.


48,80 €

  • Vous pouvez commander un kit d'échantillonnage gratuit.
  • Un seul échantillon est nécessaire pour chaque animal, même si vous commandez plusieurs tests.
  • Nous conservons les échantillons pour vous permettre de commander des tests supplémentaires.
  • Nous proposons l'aide d'experts pour l'interprétation des résultats.
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