Discounts for genetic tests


Special discounts

Special discounts are available in the form of promotional codes, which are available as part of promotional activities on our website and other media. Special discounts are not applicable to DNA profile and parentage analysis. Special discounts are not cumulative with permanent discounts.


Permanent discounts

In our online shop, permanent discounts are calculated automatically.

Number of tests per animalDiscount
2 tests 5%
3 tests 7,5%
4 tests 10%
5 tests 12,5%
6 tests 15%
7 tests 17,5%
8 tests 20%


Tests for coat colour and quality 

Number of tests per animalDicsount
First test full price
Each additional test* 50%

*valid for tests for locus A, B, D, E, Em, K and coat length


Discount for large orders

10% discount for all orders where the final amount exceeds 650 EUR.


EVG breeder club - discounts for breeders and clubs

We have prepared a club for breeders offering special benefits for members:

  • Club prices
  • Special offers for members of the club
  • Results always accessible in your user account
  • Real time order status updates

To register, you need a copy of the kennel club membership card or kennel registration which you need to upload during the registration process. Our administrators will review the documents as soon as possible and grant you a club status.

If you are a representative of the club and would like to cooperate with us, contact us at [email protected].

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