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DNA profile: molecular fingerprint of my dog

DNA profile is a unique molecular fingerprint that does not change over a lifetime and allows unambiguous identification of an animal regardless of its age. DNA profile comprises of the analysis of specific areas on the DNA (markers) that are characterized by changes in length. Due to differences in length, different states or alleles appear in each individual. By analysing enough markers, we get ...

Dog Coat Colors

Throughout history dog coat colors developed through natural and human selection. Protective colors that allowed better survival in nature were favoured by natural selection. When dog was domesticated intense human selection had a major role in the development of new coat colors.   With the emergence of different breeds coat color standards were determined for a particular breed. Select...

What are genetic diseases?

Genetic diseases are caused by one or more changes (mutations) on the DNA. They can be monogenic, where one or more mutations are present in a single gene; polygenic, involving mutations of several genes; or the entire chromosome may be defective. Mutations can be hereditary (passed from parents to offspring) or occur spontaneously during embryonic development (de novo mutations).   The...

Modes of inheritance - why it is important that I understand them?

Purebred dogs as we know them today are the result of intensive selection over the last few hundred years, which from an evolutionary point of view represents a recent event. Each breed arose from a small number of founder animals selected by man based on their behavioural (e.g., guarding, hunting…) and morphological characteristics (e.g., body size and shape, coat colour, coat length…). With care...

How does the sample affect the DNA test?

Sample collection is the first step in DNA testing and is often done by the dog owner himself. Since a sample is a starting material for performing a DNA test, it is crucial that it is taken correctly. Samples of poor-quality cause problems throughout the laboratory procedure and in some cases can even lead to an erroneous result. To avoid problems and delays in DNA testing, we will point out the ...

What is a DNA test?

DNA testing in dogs has been on the rise in recent years as more and more breeders and canine organizations require certain DNA tests to register dogs or mate. Every day we are contacted by clients who would like to order a DNA test but do not know what DNA tests are or what they are intended for. They just know they need them. To some extent, the situation is understandable as it is a professiona...

Das Labor arbeitet normal

Sehr geehrte Kunden, wir möchten Sie darüber informieren, dass unser Labor trotz der Situation hinsichtlich der Verbreitung des Coronavirus normal funktioniert.

Juvenile myoklonische Epilepsie (JME)

Wir möchten Sie darauf hinweisen, dass Sie ab sofort einen Gentest für JUVENILE MYOCLONISCHE EPILEPSIE (JME) im RHODESIAN RIDGEBACK bestellen können. Weitere Informationen zum Test finden Sie unter Menü Testliste.

SPAID bei Shar-Pei

Wir möchten Sie darauf hinweisen, dass Sie ab sofort einen Gentest für SHAR-PEI AUTOINFLAMMATORY DISEASE (SPAID) bestellen können. Weitere Informationen zum Test finden Sie unter Menü Testliste.